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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  February 17, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EST

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the same-sex marriage bill takes things to a whole new level after one delegate receives a credible threat. the story coming up. and the debate over birth control gets heated on capitol hill. i'm linda stow. why it ended with some lawmakers walking out.
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you can encounter long stretches of fog along your way. details coming up in weather and traffic on this friday, february 17th. good morning, maryland. i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. we'll get to that news in just a moment, but let's start things off with a look at your weather with meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning, guys. you are definitely dealing with fog out there. you need the low beams on because we do have a dense fog advisory in effect this morning basically for anne arundel county and we can see points southward of that, areas shaded in that gray color until 6:00. as we look at the fact that we do have low visibility, we see zero into baltimore, also into d.c., down into virginia as well into culpepper. easton one mile visibility along the eastern shore there and york pennsylvania coming in right around four-mile visibility. right now temperatures are well above average, close to 40 into arnold and also joppa. you can see the air is saturated at 100%. woodbine temperature right around 41 degrees. as we go throughout the day, the fog will continue in the
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morning, we will become breezy with a temperature coming in right around 53 degrees for a high. let's get a check now of the traffic with angela. good morning. reporter: good morning to you, lynette. in addition to the fog we've been following two traffic issues all morning. first the incident on i-95 just to update those of you who are just tuning in, just waking up this morning, had an overnight tractor-trailer accident on northbound i-95 in hartford county. the tractor-trailer then burst into flames. they have put the fire out, the fire has been extinguished, but we're still dealing with uprighting this tractor-trailer and getting it off the northbound lanes of i-95. right now in maryland 543, traffic is being diverted to northbound 95. in the meantime, we're dealing with just foggy conditions for the most part if you're traveling around the city especially. here's oo look at 95 right at maryland 152. no problems right here, especially traveling southbound. 695 at the bw parkway, also no reported troubles for those of you making the drive on the west side of the beltway. now, as we mentioned, fire
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gutted most of this downtown baltimore business early this morning. now, for those of you who normally travel in the 2800 block of west lafayette street, be prepared for detours. we are shut down at lafayette and ashland and lafayette and dukeland. back over to you. within the hour bge crews will be going door to door turning gas back on in southwest baltimore. so far they've already restored gas to about 300 of the 900 residents who lost it on tuesday. that gas main has since been fixed, but turning the gas back on does sometimes take a little while. the battle this morning over same-sex marriage, it rages on, but things are really starting to heat up, especially a little more since one delegate received a threat. what is that all about? abc 2 news' sherree johnson is here to explain. reporter: it's scary to think that people would be take tailgate to that level. we've been in touch with police this morning. we've learned that wade catch
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has receive add threat and received protection. the republican who agreed to support same-sex marriage says his deal could be contingent on advocates to amend the bill. he said he would think about a change of the bill. if his amendment fails, catch said he will probably not vote for the measure. a final vote is expected today. catch said his amendment would provide a better opportunity to bring the bill to referendum in november. now, maryland delegates say they are prepared to consider hand fulls of amendments to the bill designed to legalize same- sex marriage. >> right now it's a sign that there's trouble in garnering the necessary number of votes. >> we are in a swamp full of alligators, and the leadership does not know how to get us out of this swamp. reporter: now, several delegates committed their support for the bill this week, but advocates have said they are still looking for a couple of votes to reach the needed 71 to pass the measure. sheree johnson, abc 2 news.
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today a bill allowing same- sex marriage in new jersey could reach the governor's desk. governor chris christie has already promised to veto the measure. the assembly passed the bill by a 42-33 vote. once the governor vetoes it, the democratic-controlled legislature has two years to try to override that veto. six states and washington d.c. right now recognize same-sex marriage. the former ravens wide receiver germane lewis has been arrested for the second time in six months. this picture comes from the first arrest, not the most recent. he was pulled over yesterday morning on hanover pike because police spotted his 4-year-old son in the front seat with no seat belt. that is against the law. now authorities say he was also cited for driving with a license that was suspended and revoked. we're told lewis is now being held on $50,000 bail. five minutes after 6:00 right now. in just a few hours, the yeardley love murder trial is expected to resume. george huguely, as you know, is accused of killing the cockrel
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hills native last year. both were students at the university of virginia. a judge postponed the trial yesterday because a defense attorney was sick. one charlottesville lawyer gave abc 2 news some insight into what will happen next. >> stanlds to reason there will be at least one more expert along the lines of the cause of death and it could very well be that there are friends, witnesses of the defendant who might be in a position to testify as to what their understanding was of the defendant's state of mind on the night in question and what his intent was in going over there. >> abc 2 news' chris schaefer is tweeting from inside the courtroom. news time now 6:06. new this morning, a fiery debate over contraception on capitol hill and this morning abc 2 news' linda stow is here now with what is being done now and all of this being sparked with something the president is wanting to do, in fact, some democratic leaders, they walked out of yesterday's panel meeting. reporter: they certainly did. they were upset they weren't given the chance to testify. this all stems from the
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president's policy to require most health insurance plans to cover birth control for women. republicans are blasting the new rule. they held a hearing yesterday where several clergy were invite today testify. they argue the mandate goes against their religious beliefs. the democrats complain an important voice was missing at that hearing and that was that of women. and when the democratic representative wanted to allow a student from catholic university who uses contraception to testify, sheefts not allowed to do -- she was not allowed to do so. that led to democratic women members of the house to walk out of that hearing. >> where are the women? and that's a good question for the whole debate, where are the women. the women on that panel -- imagine they're having a panel on women's health and they don't have any women on the panel. what is it that men don't understand about women's health and how central the issue of family planning is to them. reporter: now, the republican chairman of that hearing shot
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back saying his hearing was about religious liberty, not about the right to contraception. linda stow, abc 2 news. republican presidential hopeful rick santorum is now walking away and backing away from one of his high profile supporter's comments that that man made about contraception. the main donor behind santorum's super pac is foster freeze. he said aspirin could be used as an acceptable method of contraception. freeze went on to say that gals could put it between their knees. that was a direct quote, and that it wasn't that costly. santorum opposes contraception, but is calling freeze's comment a stupid joke that was made in bad taste. this morning's health alert, a new study now calls in a lot of confusion. research has found unacceptably of arsenic in organic toddler formulas, some cereal bars and other foods. it is linked to organic brown rice syrup. >> it is increasingly used as a
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sweetener to replace high fructose corn syrup. it also unfortunately is high in arsenic levels. >> abc news has learned that the two tested formulas were the highest levels were baby's organic dairy toddler formula and a soy toddler formula, both made by nature's one. a report this morning that one agent was injured, now another dead. >> coming up we're going to head to california for the latest information in an attack involving immigration agents is being called workplace violence. we told you about this yesterday, now we're taking a closer look at the breakdown involving the irs' refund tracking website. details you'll want to stick around for. and it's freebie friday. some of the hottest deals available you can get on the web, it's all for free. you like that, lynette, right? >> oh, i love it. fog is a big story this morning, megan. but we have another big story that's on the horizon. those details are coming up. and, lynette, we are dealing with the fog out there on the roadways burks we've got an accident on 95 northbound in hartford county that's causing a few headaches out there this morning. we'll let you know about the
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closure and some alternates you may want to take straight ahead. before we head to break, we're going to head up to new york. there's a live picture of times square. let's take a look at the latest tech bytes and business news happening right now. >> in today's tech bytes, apple gets ready to release, the macintosh operating system will include more than 100 changes for the iphone andipad. it's expected this summer. google was reportedly spying on those using their computers [ indiscernable ] installed tracking software that bypassed safari's privacy settings. samsung galaxy mote plans to bridge the gap between smart phones and tablets. u.s. today's ed beg says it's great for reading or watching movies. >> if you can kind of get over the fact that you gotta carry it with you and it's over six ounces and it's big for the pocket, it does have some advantages. reporter: especially that
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large screen galaxy note goes on sale sunday from at & t. those are the tech bytes, i'm paula farris, have a great weekend, everybody.
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taxes yet? if so, don't ask the irs where your refund is. frankly it has no idea. the irs is a -- says a computer glitch is causing problems with its popular where's my refund feature. many taxpayers are complaining that they have filed their taxes, are expecting a refund but can find no information right now when they enter their social security number at the irs website. the irs has now posted the following message on its web page. it says this is a temporary situation and we expect to resolve the matter in a few days. the irs says they have their return even though where's my refund does not reflect that. not exactly reassuring but we have to take the irs at its word. the agency says it is being processed and should arrive within seven to 14 days of filing if you signed up for direct deposit into your bank account. for more on my reports grks to our web page,, click the money tab up top so you don't waste your money.
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i'm john matarrese, abc 2 news. i so in love with you >> looks like we're not going to be hearing president barack obama singing anytime soon. he says that he doesn't want to risk losing any more votes because of his singing voice. but after reelection he will consider possibly going on tour with the reverend al greene. greene sang his classic song at a fundraiser in san francisco last night before president obama's remarks. we want to move to the weather, caroline county on a two-hour delay due to the fog. is it going to burn off late sner >> yeah, it'll burn off later. we have a dense fog advisory. patchy fog around other places. we are saturated. we're looking at the relative humidity right now, you can see 100%. that means we're saturated. when the air gets saturated, it can't hold any more moisture, it condenses and then it forms
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these tiny water droplets and that's what we see as fog. that's what we're contending with this morning. like i just told megan, it will start to burn off as we get a more northwesterly flow as high pressure begins to build in. i'll show you that in just a second, but the satellite and radar right now picking up on lots of clouds around the area. we also did have some misting going on earlier as well. here's that high pressure. it will build in as we go throughout the day. that northwesterly flow will stir up the atmosphere a little bit, burn off some of that fog that we're seeing and we will be left with plenty of sunshine as we go into the afternoon. future trend, yes, follow the timeline for me, will you? because we are going to start to see some change in here and the change will come as we go more into saturday evening into sunday, and this is that next storm that will potential be bringing us some snow and also some rain across the area. again, we could be seeing a nor'easter out of this. the track still unknown and how much cold air that wraps into this is unknown as well, and if we get more cold air, then,
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yes, we could be seeing some significant accumulations across the area. but at this time i cannot give you any type of snowfall totals. today that temperature is going to come in right around 53 degrees. we will become breezy, we will have the sun and we will also have the clouds as we go into the afternoon. by tonight temperature right around 30 degrees. it will be clear and cold with a light northwesterly breeze. let's get a check now of the traffic with angela. good morning. the fog definitely the big story, you heard about that delay. reporter: yes, i heard about that delay. we also just got information that talbert county schools will be on a 90-minute delay, this also due to the fog. plan for extra travel time this morning, you will have low visibility. we'll get to some live shots of foggy conditions out there in just a moment. again, we can't stress enough, if you normally take 95 northbound through hartford county, we have a closure. northbound lanes are closed between 543 and maryland 22. had an overnight tractor- trailer accident. now, u.s. 40, pulaski highway is a very good alternate for you. it's moving well, all lanes
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open there as well as 7 philadelphia road. let's get a live look at some of those conditions out there. this is 895 just north of child street. again, very foggy conditions, patchy areas out there. we also -- we're also dealing with an increase in volume, especially around the beltway right now. traveling on the north side around hartford road, very heavy volume. as you can see here on the west side, 695 at liberty road, on the left side of your screen outer loop lanes becoming heavy. drive times are increasing just a little bit out there for you. going to take you nine minutes on that west side from 795 to i- 70. charley, over to you. so it's been six weeks and how are you doing with your new year's resolution. this was going to be the year you'd finally lose the weight you wanted to lose, quit smoking, maybe even start eating healthier. if you've fallen off the wagon, a registered dietician offers some advice. >> what i've found is the people who are most successful with their goals and resolutions are those who set specific goals. instead of saying i want to eat
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better, they're saying i'm going to add two new vegetables this week. >> she says you need to fight things to fit your lifestyle and slowly but surely developing healthier behaviors. megan. whatever you're doing, come over and look at your tv screen, screams in our newsroom when this little fella came in. this is joey accompanied by the loving allian from the spca. this is the cutest puppy. >> joey is eight weeks, we think a beagle mix, he's sweet. his hair is so soft. >> he's almost like a stuffed animal. he's really agreeable because i don't think a lot of dogs would love a camera lens in their face like this, but he's hanging out. >> he's a great little guy. he'll ablot of fun. with the weather have to be bad this weekend, you'll have to do house breaking in the rain which isn't a lot of fun. >> if you're patient, a puppy is the way to go, they are more work. >> it's just constant care. they have to go outside, so you
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just have to brace yourself. >> he is about as cute as come. you did mention the weather and you brought a prop with you, something people might want to consider picking up if the weather is bad. >> paw booties which are great this time of year. it protects against the elements, and salt on the streets. >> that can be damaging to the pads? it can be. it just makes cleanup a lot easier for you. >> always bringing a pet with her. we're going to start these segments back up again. we're so glad you're here. tell people where they can go if they want to adopt joey. >> joey is available for adoption at the spca. >> if you want more information, check it out, go by, they're open on the weekendings correct? >> yes, saturday and sunday hopefully. >> take a look at joey. he needs a home. charley, this dog is so adopted. >> he is gone. >> they have lots of dogs and cats, so go check them out. >> thanks a lot. mother nature is now taking its toll on some historic sites around the
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world. up next we're going to show you what the snow has done to the roman coliseum. also this morning, an avalanche warning, the precautions now being taken to keep austrians safe. that's ahead on "good morning maryland" on this friday, february 17th. gc
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take ago look at news around the korld this morning, we've learned today that "new york times" correspondent anthony sadid has died in eastern syria while reporting on assignment. he may have died of an asthma attack. he won a pulitzer prize in 2004 and 2010 for his coverage in iraq. four months after being cleared of charges of her roommate in italy, amanda knox is now moving forward with her memoir. the 24-year-old has related reached a deal with harper collins. that deal is said to be worth close to $4 million. the book is set to hit shelves early next year. this is pretty scary. >> it is pretty scary. her voice in my face. a circus acrobat man will attempt a very dangerous stunt
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this summer. megan. carry on. >> he's going to attempt to walk across a tight rope over niagra falls. the performer says that he was given permission on wednesday for crossing and it's going to take about 30 minutes on an 1800-foot wire that is just two inches wide. heavy snow damaging part of rome's 2000-year-old coliseum. bits of that wall actually began crumbling. the historic arena was shut down so crews could clean up the place a little bit. again, the roman coliseum. due to the heavy snowfall, there is an increased risk of avalanches in western provinces of aws theia. some streets are blocked off and some villages remain inaccessible, cut off from the outside world. you can see why. many touring tracks and trails have been closed because of weather conditions there. an unusual case of workplace violence we have to tell you about this morning. we're going to head to california in a few minutes for the latest on a shooting inside a federal building. this could be the most confusing school zone
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earth. look at this. did you see it? show it again. whose idea was that? details coming up when "good morning maryland" continues.
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